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State President Peter Urscheler installs the 2016 JCI New Jersey State President Ria Serrano

On Sunday, February 28, 2016, 81st State President Peter Urscheler and 79th State President Jen Radz along with delegates from JCI New York and JCI Senate New York attended the 1st joint installation ceremony of JCI New Jersey and JCI North Jersey. President Peter Urscheler conducted the ceremonial passing of the Chain of Leadership, Gavel, and Swearing In of the 2016 JCI New Jersey President Ria Serrano.

After her installation, President Ria Serrano, installed JCI North Jersey President Joyce Andres-David. The Pennsylvania Jaycees would like to extend their best wishes to Presidents Ria and Joyce for a happy and properous year!

2016 State of New Jersey State President: Ria Serrano Board of Directors: Chapter President Joyce Andes-David State Treasurer: Gladies Natividad-Llamas State Advisers: Primary Adviser: Paul Smith Seconday Adviser: Jenn Radzwillowicz

2016 Local Chapter JCI North Jersey Chapter President: Joyce Andes-David Executive VP: Shine Wann Individual Development VP: Don Balanzat International Affairs VP: Emiljun Rapada Community Development VP: Christine Rapada Membership Services VP: Bernard Cortes Directors: Kay Habana, Andy Fernandez, Angel Ramchand Assistant Directors: Joliza Pucci, Baian Rasheed Secretary: Audrey Santos Treasurer: Kelly Porr Social Media: Jazmine-Andes Immediate Past President/Chairman of the Board: Ria Serrano Webmaster: James Tagorda Legal: Gary Abasolo Presidential Advisers: Richard Rillera, Jesse Arteche

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