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Leadership development through community involvement has been the basis of the Jaycees since its inception in 1920. The goal of the not-for-profit organization is to provide members a means to reach their full potential through networking and personal growth opportunities, and is ideal for proactive young people ages 18 to 40. Members enhance a variety of skills as they work together to plan and run civic and individual development activities in their home communities and chapters, such as:

  • Developing business plans for maximum success and impact for each event

  • Learning to successfully manage volunteers

  • Communicating effectively, public speaking and debating as a team

  • Discovering the needs of the community and managing resources to meet them

  • Organizing efforts to make the most of dollars raised and hours volunteered


All members have unique talents to offer. We provide them an outlet to share those talents in programs and projects that benefit other members, as well as the community at large.  Your involvement with the Jaycees will provide you opportunities to meet people, impact your community, and apply skills to enhance your career.



Connect with like minded individuals. Not only has the Jaycees produced successful business owners and other prominent leaders, but it has also brought together many friends and families. Statewide conferences are held where members take advantage of various training seminars, round table discussions, and socials to network with people from across the state. The true value of the program is in sharing with others the experience of participating.



Impact the world in which you live. Few organizations touch as many lives, in as many ways, as the Jaycees. Chapters:

  • Develop civic leaders

  • Provide assistance with national and international disaster relief

  • Support programs such as cancer organizations, camps for individuals with developmental disabilities, collection drives for troops and numerous other diverse programs

  • Are involved in their communities running festivals, raising funds for many causes, as well as directly helping individuals in need



Engage with local, state and national civic leaders. No other organization has the history or the ability to connect its members with the breath and depth of civic leaders as the Jaycees. Imagine gaining access to your government officals and members of the United Nations Foundation. The Jaycees don't just watch history being made, we Impact it!


Learn More about the History of the Pennsylvania Jaycees 




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